About Us

Who are we?


We are Woodstock’s top brick-and-mortar store for fans of Magic the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons and Yu-Gi-Oh to meet, trade, and battle. Nerdz Cafe is Woodstock and Oxford County’s first fully fledged trading card, board game and gaming cafe authorized by Wizards of the Coast, Konami and Blizzard.

Parents, board game enthusiasts, gamers, and people looking for something new to experience will find a clean, safe and fun environment to shop, play, and hangout. Play video games by the hour, or find the newest board games on the market. Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly and ready to help everyone of every age find exactly what they are looking for. Tournaments, Workshops and D&D Groups bring members of the local community together to learn about new trading card games, miniatures and collectables. You’re always free to stop in and check it out!

We host a minimum of five tournaments a week for our most popular trading card games, including weekly MtG, FaB and Yugioh tournaments. We also have a Dungeons & Dragons themed room for your role playing adventures.

If you’re looking to network with other people who share your passion, attending our tournaments or playing in-store can help you connect with new friends and new hobbies. You can also learn new things or hone your skills at things like deck building or painting Miniatures by working with our knowledgeable staff and patrons! Private Sessions, Play Board Games and Play Online (On Hold Indefinitely Due to Covid-19) We book board game tables, PCs, VR and group rooms by the hour, and offer a discount for weekly D&D groups.

Are you looking for a quick and inexpensive way to try out a new game? Do you want to get your friends around a table and learn how to play a new board game? Or are you looking for an atmosphere that is perfect for Dungeons and Dragons? We carry a long list of video games and board games that you can play alone, with friends, or even with the friendly people who stop by every day! We also rent out our VR headsets so you can try out the newest in tech.



Coming Soon

The Nerdz flagship store in Woodstock is undergoing significant renovations to provide our patrons with significantly more play space. We are also excited to be in the process of preparing our kitchen to serve delicious food made fresh in store. The Nerdz kitchen will provide delicious competitively priced food for you to enjoy while playing or shopping, and will welcome you anytime you feel like just stopping by for lunch or dinner.



Legions: Realms at War

Nerdz Cafe is the flagship store for Canada’s most exciting new TCG Legions: Realms at War. Swear fealty to one of the eight legions scrambling for power, and claim your rightful place as warlord, commanding their armies. Wield great Majik, powerful weapons, and cunning traps as you lead your warriors into battle. Build and customize your deck with our limited print run, first edition starter decks and set one boosters, and be one of the first to lead your legion into battle. The innovative game design, and engaging mechanics will keep veteran tcg players on their toes,while Legion’s deep and compelling lore will provide hours of reading for fantasy fans and lore buffs. Legions is easy to learn, but challenging to master with hundreds of unique cards to explore and experiment with. To learn more about Legions check out the Legions official website: https://legionsrealmsatwar.ca/, and preorder starter decks and set one seal product here: https://www.nerdzcafe.com/collections/legions-preorders. Are You Elsewhere in the World? Fear not! We ship anywhere in Canada or the USA! Get the best deals on singles, board games and more. We have competitive pricing for products and shipping, and a wide selection of singles and sealed products for you to browse and buy. Watch our online store for promotions (or make an account with us to stay up to date!). You can also follow us on Facebook.



Store Hours and Products

Stop into our store any day of the week, or order from anywhere in Canada or the USA online.

Tuesday : 12 PM - 8 PM

Wednesday - Friday : 12 PM - 9 PM

Saturday - Sunday : 12 PM - 6 PM

We carry: Magic the Gathering Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and Legions Realms at War