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Introducing the Ultimate Battle Station!

Streaming: Become a broadcasting boss with our pro-grade streaming camera setup, perfect for streaming Trading Card Games.

Consoles: Unleash your inner champion with a  Nintendo library at your fingertips. Settle office rivalries with a Super Smash Bros match or forge unbreakable bonds by conquering Super Marios Bros.

Board Games: Dive into our extensive collection of board games, perfect for fostering teamwork and strategic thinking. From classic favorites like Monopoly to modern hits like Settlers of Catan, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Book your room today and prepare to have a good time! Level up your productivity (or just have an epic throwdown)!

3 products

Battle Station 2 --- 3 Hour

$32.00 CAD

Battle Station 2 --- 2 Hour

$28.00 CAD

Battle Station 2 --- 1 Hour

$15.00 CAD

3 products